What is Jailbreak Apple TV? Its a set top box that allows you to watch an endless supply of entertainment once you've followed our Jailbreak Apple TV instructions. XBMC for Jailbreak Apple TV is the future of television and you definitely don't want to miss out. Once you've experienced the Jailbreak Apple TV phenomenon you'll never want to go back to regular cable again. It's now easier than ever to Jailbreak Apple TV and there's no reason you should be missing out. Apple TV is all you want it to be, and more at Jailbreak Apple TV.

Millions of households across the globe have turned to Jailbreak Apple TV for their entire home entertainment experience, nothing created in the past has ever compared to what this incredible unlocking system can provide. It's entirely legal to Jailbreak Apple TV and other iDevices such as the iPad and iPhone. We'll continue by explaining more to you about what the Jailbreak Apple TV is all about and why you should be using it, if you aren't already that is. Keep on reading and you'll be a Jailbreak Apple TV master in no time at all.

Sometimes called the Unlocked or Jailbreak Apple TV, it should be realized that Jailbreak Apple TV is the true name of the concept and shouldn't be confused with unlocking, which means something entirely different. The term unlocking refers to opening a mobile phone to a different service provider from which it was purchased, while Jailbreak Apple TV refers to opening the device to third party software, not endorsed by the manufacturer. There's no question as to whether Jailbreak Apple TV will improve your end user experience or not.

There are different software applications which can be installed once the Jailbreak Apple TV process has been completed on your device. Out of all the available options, two stand out primarily. The first and most popular is XBMC, and the second is Plex, both good third party software options available for the Jailbreak Apple TV devices. The application called XBMC is used quite commonly by many as a free television solution, easily installable once you've successfully finished the Jailbreak Apple TV installation process.

It should be noted that even the least technologically experienced people can take full advantage of what Jailbreak Apple TV has to offer everyone. We've heard back from people as old as eighty years old, as well as from youngsters that have barely started high school yet. They were all able to follow the Jailbreak Apple TV guides and get everything up and running within minutes. You'll go ahead and start the Jailbreak Apple TV setup and should be done in about half an hour to an hour at most.

Just remember that only the first and second generation Jailbreak Apple TV 2 can be done at the current time. These are devices which major hackers have found the necessary security flaws within so that they can be opened through this process. These Jailbreak Apple TV 2 compatible devices can be found easily on eBay and sometimes even on Craigslist classified ads. Definitely make sure that you don't purchase a third generation Jailbreak Apple TV 3 device which won't be able to be used for quite a while, it could even take more than a year or two before it'll be ready to go.