So you want to jailbreak your Apple TV 2 device? Right now there are only two Apple TV devices that you can actually jailbreak: the Apple TV 2 and the Apple TV 1. We’re only going to discuss the second generation Apple TV jailbreak because the first doesn’t really have any use since Kodi has discontinued support for it and there don’t seem to really be any other worthwhile applications for it out there.

Unfortunately the third generation Apple TV wasn’t jailbreakable, but we’re hoping that the Apple TV 4 jailbreak will be possible due to the fact that it already supports third party app development.

Jailbreak Apple TV 2

Once you’ve jailbroken your Apple TV 2, you’ll be able to install the Kodi media player to it, which will open up a whole world of possibilities for you! Jailbreaking the Apple TV 2 will really change your life, making everything more enjoyable. It’s perhaps one of the best jailbreaks out there, better than those available on any other iOS device, Apple TV jailbreak for the win!

Prerequisites: Micro USB Cable & iTunes

Step 1: Download the Mac Version or the Windows Version of Seas0nPass to your computer.


Step 2: Insert a Micro USB cable into the cable of your Apple TV 2 device, then plug it into your computer. Don’t connect the power cable at this point.

If the white light at the front of the device isn’t blinking slowly, unplug the Micro USB Cable then plug in the power supply for a few seconds, then unplug the power cable and replug the Micro USB Cable again.


Step 3: Run the Seas0nPass app for the first time.


Step 4: Select the Create IPSW” function.


Step 5: Now you’ll have to wait a minute or two then when asked, Click and Hold the MENU and the PLAY/PAUSE buttons on your Apple TV remote at the same time to Enter DFU Mode.



Step 6: You’ll now want to wait a few minutes for the entire process to complete, don’t touch anything while you wait.


Step 7: Once completed, you may go ahead and close the Seas0nPass jailbreak application.


Step 8: You’ll now want to unplug the device at this point.


Step 9: Now you’ll want to go ahead and plug your jailbroken Apple TV 2 into your television.


Note: If the front light is blinking very fast and nothing happens on your screen, try to restore the device in iTunes, then run Seas0nPass again. Should that still not work, try running Seas0nPass on a Windows PC instead of a Mac.

Step 10: Select your desired language setting.


Step 11: Choose your Wi-Fi connection, if you’re using an Ethernet (wired) connection this step will be skipped.


Step 12: Click on No Thanks to avoid sharing unnecessary information with Apple about your jailbroken Apple TV.


Step 13: Choose the Settings icon at the top of your jailbroken Apple TV 2’s menu.


Step 14: Select the Audio & Video menu, then click on the Audio Output to change it to the 16 bit option.


Step 15: Go back one step by clicking on the MENU button, then choose the General settings menu, and go to the Time Zone setting, then click twice to enable the Set Automatically function.


Step 16: Click the MENU button on your jailbroken Apple TV 2’s remote control a few times until you’re back at the main menu.


Step 17: It would be a good idea to Install Kodi for Apple TV 2 so that you can begin taking full advantage of everything the Apple TV jailbrek has to offer.

That’s all folks! Move along, nothing else to see here. We truly hope you enjoy the Apple TV jailbreak as much as we do. Special thanks goes out to FireCore and nitoTV for making the Apple TV jailbreak possible.